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Cocoa Almonds (100g) 杏仁可可朱古力

Cocoa Almonds (100g) 杏仁可可朱古力

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Each box (100g) contains: cocoa almonds / 每盒(100克) 包括: 可可朱古力杏仁

DUMON COCOA ALMONDS are special because of:
• Selection of the best ingredients
• No trans fats
• No artificial colourings
• No preservatives

Health Benefits of Almonds:
• Rich in Vitamins B
• Rich in natural antioxidant Vitamin E
• High in essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, manganese & copper
• Good source of dietary fibre
• Contains unsaturated fats which helps in lowering LDL cholesterol
• NO cholesterol

Storage: Store in cool & dry place.

DUMON 杏仁可可朱古力獨特之處:
• 嚴選優質新鮮的材料
• 0% 反式脂肪
• 0% 人造色素
• 0% 防腐劑

• 含豐富維生素 B
• 含豐富天然抗氧劑維生素 E
• 含豐富鈣,磷,鐵,鎂,錳及銅等礦物質
• 膳食纖維的良好來源
• 零膽固醇
• 含有不飽和脂肪,有助於降低LDL膽固醇

保存方法: 貯存於陰涼及乾燥處。