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Napolitains Dark 55% Gift Box  (2pcs) 片裝55%黑朱古力禮盒
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Napolitains Dark 55% Gift Box (2pcs) 片裝55%黑朱古力禮盒

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Each gift box contains: 2pcs of dark 55% chocolate napolitains / 片裝55%黑朱古力2片
DUMON NAPOLITAINS DARK 55% GIFT BOX is special because of:
•  Selection of the best ingredients
•  No trans fats 
•  No artificial colourings
•  No preservatives
•  Made in Belgium

Chocolates are rich in natural antioxidants – flavanols which help in improving memory. They also contain Serotonin precursor - Tryptophan. Serotonin contributes to our wellbeing and happiness. Let's try to have chocolates to brighten the days!

Storage: Store in cool (12 -18℃) & dry place. 

DUMON 片裝55%黑朱古力禮盒獨特之處:
• 嚴選優質新鮮的材料
• 0% 反式脂肪
• 0% 人造色素
• 0% 防腐劑
• 比利時製造

朱古力含有抗氧化劑可可黃烷醇可幫助改善記憶。朱古力還含有血清素前體 - 色胺酸。血清素是心情快樂的元素。不妨嘗試吃一顆朱古力舒緩一下心情吧!

保存方法: 貯存於陰涼(12-18℃)及乾燥處。