The story of DUMON Chocolatier began in 1992. Being a scholar Chef Chocolatier at Bruges' Ter Groene Poort School, Stephan Dumon started up with high dedication a small scale production of artisan truffles for bakeries and pastry chefs nearby in Torhout.

In 1996, the first chocolate shop was opened at the Eiermarkt in Bruges offering ultra-fresh pralines in the medieval architecture. With high standard of raw materials, freshness & quality, DUMON chocolates have grown in popularity and our chocolate shops can now be found in Bruges, Kortrijk and Torhout Belgium.

In 2013, DUMON was introduced to Hong Kong. To maintain the freshness and smoothness, our chocolates are flown from the production site directly to Hong Kong on a regular basis. Chocolate lovers in Asia can finally indulge themselves in the real Bruges chocolates at their doorstep.

Authentic Belgian chocolates presented in exquisite packaging make DUMON remarkable gifts for all occasions. Our award-winning chocolates have been selected to serve in hotels, airlines, club houses and restaurants and as corporate gifts.

The cheerful team of  Chocolatier DUMON!

DUMON Chocolatier 的歷史

DUMON Chocolatier 於1992年由 Stephan Dumon 在比利時布魯日創立。Stephan畢業於布魯日著名巧克力烹飪學校Ter Groene Poorte,起初為托魯特附近的麵包房和糕點師小規模生產松露。

1996年,DUMON 於 Eiermarkt 開設了第一間巧克力店,為客人提供新鮮的榛果蓉巧克力。嚴選優質新鮮材料,獨特精緻的外形,以人手細心製造乃我們成功的基礎。今天,DUMON 專門店已遍佈比利時的 Bruges, Kortrijk 和 Torhout。

2013年,DUMON 正式登陸香港。大家在亞洲也可以盡情品嚐真正的布魯日巧克力。為確保新鮮和幼滑度,所有巧克力都是從生產工場直接空運到香港。


DUMON 巧克力團隊!